List of Radio Station with Frequency In Nepal.

7 08 2012

List of Radio Station with Frequency In Nepal.
S.N. Station Name Frequency
ABC Samachar Radio 100.6 MHz
Adhyatma Jyoti F.M 104.8 MHz
BBC World Service 103.0 MHz
BF BS 89.8 MHz
Bhaktapur F.M 105.5 MHz
Birat FM 91.2
Capital F.M 92.4 MHz
Citizen F.M 94.0 MHz
Classic F.M 101.2 MHz
ECR FM 104.2 MHz
Good News F.M
Gopi Krishna F.M 101.8 MHz
Gorkha F.M 93.0 MHz
HBC F.M 94.0 MHz
Headlines & News F.M 97.2 MHz
Hits F.M 91.2 MHz
Image F.M 97.9 MHz
Image News FM (Nepal) sister station of image channel 103.6 MHz
Jana Sandesh F.M 93.5 MHz
Kantipur FMrep 96.1 MHz
Kantipur FMrep 96.1 MHz
Kanchan janga FM 92.6 MHz
Keeps 98.3 98.3 MHz
Maittri F.M 99.4 MHz
Metro F.M 94.6 MHz
Nepal F.M 91.8 MHz
Newa F.M
Pathibhara FM 93.6 MHz
Radio Audio
Radio Bagmati 103.6 MHz
Radio Bihani 107.4 MHz
Radio City 98.8 MHz
Radio Filmy 101.8 MHz
Radio Janakpur 97.0 MHz
Radio Masti 87.9 MHz
Radio Mirmire 88.2 MHz
Radio Namo Buddha (Broadcasting out of ktm valley) 106.7 MHz
Radio Nepal 100 MHz
Radio Sagarmatha 102.4 MHz
Radio Upatyaka 87.6 MHz
RBC F.M 100.6 MHz
Star F.M 95.2 MHz
Synery FM 91.6
Times F.M 90.6 MHz
Voice of Youth 96.8 MHz




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