Proposal of the Event : Movie Screening followed by interaction

21 06 2012

A concept paper for an event: Movie Screening followed by interaction with Rajan Kathet.

Prepared for: Hem Raj Kafle
Prepared by SAAURYA
27th April 2012

Mr. Hem Raj Kafle,
Assistant Professor,
Department of Language and Mass Communication,
Kathmandu University.

Subject: Proposal to organize an event: Movie screening followed by interaction program.

Dear Sir,

We would like to present a concept paper for the event requesting you to provide a room and projector to organize movie screening followed by interaction.
SAAURYA , a group of five students from Bachelor of Media Studies (BMS) 1st year, is planning to organize a movie screening followed by interaction of audiences with Rajan Kathet, alumnus of BMS, Kathmandu University in the month of June.

1. The documentary is about the state of street children living in Kathmandu. So the primary purpose of the event would be to make the audiences see a part of life of the city which is the dream land of Nepal.

2. Rajan Kathet is an alumnus of Kathmandu University. He has been actively involved in film making .The target audience of the program are film enthusiasts and some aspiring film makers. So, the secondary purpose is to introduce audiences to their senior and facilitate them to learn something about the process of film making through Rajan Kathet.


The duration of the proposed event will be one hour where a 30 minute long documentary, PARICHAYA, will be screened. After the screening Rajan Kathet will interact with the audiences and answer the questions regarding the documentary. To make it easier for the guest to answer the questions, we shall provide the movie to him in advance so that he can prepare well for the event. Similarly in order to familiarize the audience with the movie and the chief guest, we shall provide them a handout which would contain some information about the movie and the guest. The five members of the group will be the organizers and the work shall be divided among us.


1. Audience will get an opportunity to meet, interact with Rajan Kathet and learn from both movie and Rajan Kathet.

2. The members of SAAURYA will get organize an event for the first time as a group. So we will learn about event management and gain some experience from it.


Bibhu Poudel is the script writer of the documentary. So he also holds its copyright .So copyright will not be a problem. Regarding the guest, he has already been informed and has agreed to be present on the event day.

Time Event
2 :00pm Audiences start to enter the hall.
2:10 pm A welcome speech to the guest, audiences and faculty members from KUDOLMC.
2:20 pm Movie starts.
3:00 pm Movie ends.
3:00 pm Discussionrts.
3:50 am Discussinds.
3:50 am Thank you speech.
4:00 pm Program ends.

We respectfully ask you to give us your precious time during the program. Your presence in the event would be an inspiration to the audiences, guest and organizers.


P.S . : This proposal has been modified after the event .




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