Separated but in memories

17 04 2012

Copyright @  I dont claim the picture to be mine.Not Used for commercial purpose.

You are here in front of me

I have you in my memories

Though I have lost you long ago

Singing and dancing in the rain

I was there under the umbrella which itself was under the rain

Don’t you care about me? , I would ask you

And then you would turn around to me but remain silent

What happened next? I don’t remember well

Today your face isn’t quite clear, it is smear

The rain is gone and the umbrella is broken

I haven’t got fever any more

Had you been here, we could dance under the rain together if it would fall again

Share the water drops, and make them roll through our cheeks like tears

However, it will not rain again, never again like that day

And it is worthless to imagine now……………………………………




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