Good Bye…

22 03 2012

Can I say good bye to you?
Because I relied on you.
Love and care that I found in you.
Cannot be expressed in words very few.
Like the rainbow that dances up in the sky
Rare as pearl, on your smile, I die.
I was lost in the moments we had shared.
And I miss the colors that time has faded.
With a broken heart and my silent cry.
How can I now bid you goodbye?
Everything is different, changing is the time.
Changing is your heart, which was once ideally mine.

Those sweet feeling you had for me
Where they just a mere game?
I don’t know why, it’s hard even now
To use them now to forget your name.
Indeed you are not to blame.
Only because you were not the same.
I wonder, why my feelings didn’t change like yours.
And why I couldn’t stop my eyes from tears.




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