The Holy Bagmati River

20 03 2012

what is a religion? What kind of person is known as a religious person? Listening the word religion, many people figure out the picture of temple, church, mosque or monastery. Many people think that priest or father in the church are only the holy people. Others think that the people visiting temple or mosque regularly earn high post in the heaven. But the man wearing special dress and chanting religious slogans in the temple or church is not a religious man. To earn love and respect from the god, we have to serve other selflessly. Such selfless service is provided by Bagmati river to million of people and billion of animals.

Flowing from Bagdwar to Bihar of India, Bagmati river carries a lot of happiness and sadness. Different people have different views about the river. Some people think it is a flow of dirt and bad smell whereas some people think Bagmati as goddess. Some people scratch their body listening the name of Bagmati whereas some people join their hand, bow down their head and respect her. But most of the people living in Kathmandu do not know what is Bagmati river. Looking or seeing her daily is not knowing her. To know the Bagmati river we have to feel the sacrifices she has made for us and we have to see her contribution. Bagmati was so beautiful in the past that Lord shiva too came to stay in the forest known as “Slyashmantak van” which lies in the bank of the river. But today all her beauty is lost. She lost her beauty for us. To keep us feet, she lost her own health. She absorbed all the bad smell and gave us pleasant smell.

Bagmati has done a lot for us but we just take from her. We human beings are too selfish. Bagmati has taken all our dirts but think herself as dirty. She has done a lot of services for the mankind without the expectation of any return. There is no any restriction for her to help us but she likes to help us. So, we have to help her as well.

She gives water for irrigation, life for a lot of animals, insects,reptiles, birds, bacteria, viruses, plants, etc. She carries all our dirt from the valley and throw outside. so she has done a lot of favor for us. Now its our turn to help her, to return her beauty. So, lets join hand in hand and do something good for Bagmati river.




One response

11 04 2012

may be team work would be the best alternative to save the civilization of Bagmati river and more than this, a ounce of practice is better than tons of talk would be rationale highway. lets join hand to hand like our blog picture to make our Bagmati more and more sacred and prestigious.

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