19 03 2012

The word ‘Communication’ has broader meaning than we generally think. It may have different meanings for different people in different contexts. The meaning of communication depends upon its use. Sometimes communication may denote a process, sometimes a human activity or may be a discipline of knowledge as well.
When communication is defined in the sense of process, it contains different elements involved in some actions using different factors in a specific manner. For instance, human beings are involved in expressing information’s through the use of words, signs or symbols and this process is known as Human Communication. In Human Communication, human works as source who forwards information’s to the receiver. Not only are human beings, other creatures also involved in communication by using their own signs and symbols.
Communication is a human activity. Every activity of human conveys some messages or gives information about them. Their body language also conveys some information’s but they may be unaware about it. Generally, human communicates by expressing their feelings, attitudes, knowledge, ideas, etc. with others. As a discipline of knowledge, communication is a subject which falls under social sciences.
Etymologically, the word ‘Communication’ is made up of two Latin words, ‘Communes’ (noun) and ‘Communicate’ (verb). Commune’s means common or sharing whereas Communicate means to make common or to share. Therefore, communication means sharing something but it must be related to information.
Hence, communication has different meanings in different contexts.




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