Thoughts, Emotions and Compassion

8 02 2012

Thinking seems to be one of the most favorite subject of human beings. This could be because we are often indulged in thinking. It seems as if thinking is unstoppable. Thoughts itself is an action and when repeated again and again it becomes a belief.
If computer is in front of us and we don’t know how to operate it, the computer becomes useless. But if we know how to use it, miracles happen. Likewise, if we know and are aware of what we think, miracles happen too. For a thought to turn out positive, thinking is a must as it has its own magnetic vibration, which attracts positive circumstances in life. We should try to accept and appreciate what we get and should always have an internal gratitude towards the Universe.
Often, we think too much and try to convince ourselves for a good result even if it is not likely to happen. We must accept what the situation is even if we feel that it is bad. We must remember that the real time will come only when it is supposed to. Thinking about something for a while is good but thinking about the same thing again and again leads to depression at times. We must enjoy every moment to its fullest as moments once passed by, never return.
It hurts when we love someone and are not loved back. But it is more painful when we don’t get to share feelings because we think too much and often turn numb. In such situation we must accept what we get though it’s difficult. Maybe it is meant to be done so that we get experience different people with different and mixed feelings.
Thoughts and emotions together make feelings. This is very much a true concept. When thoughts are positive, emotions emerge which give positive feelings. Consequently positive situations and conditions take place. Humans generally seek for the love whether it is from friends relatives or anyone else. However we should understand that if we have a heart to give then definitely there is a heart to receive love. And the key for this lock is “compassion”.
Compassion is something very necessary and something, which we can develop. It is important to know the exact meaning of compassion as different philosophies and traditions have different interpretations of the word-compassion. Compassion is based on a clear acceptance or recognition that others like oneself want happiness and have the right to overcome suffering. On that basis, one develops some kind of concern about the welfare of others irrespective of ones attitude to oneself. To develop a genuine compassion we must practice equanimity, detaching ourselves from those who are very close to us.
Compassion is not like pity or a feeling that others are somehow lower than we are. Rather with genuine compassion, we view others as more important than we are. We must remember what we give to someone is what comes back to us, may be not immediately but maybe later when we do not expect it.




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