That is why I admire you

7 02 2012

Companion, friend, pal is how I describe you;
Can’t think of anyone who can replace you.
Even though you don’t cheer me up when
I’m upset and blue.
But sometimes that’s the reason why I admire you.

You’re not the kind, who seeks adventure every seconds;
Not fond of long talks either, so quickly you want them to end.
You just nod to everything I say, even if you don’t have a clue;
Seldom, I don’t notice it, but I admire that too.

If I show 10 mistakes, you show one in me;
I know I have more faults, but most of them you avoid to see.
Not everyone knows me so well, and you’re the one in few;
And you know what to say, and I admire that in you.

I know you don’t have the solutions but I share my problems with you;
But you’re always busy with your work, having time for just a word or two.
I share all my secrets with you, because of the trust you never blew;
And that is the most important reason why so much I admire you.

Nagging you with stupid nicknames is really fun to do;
Especially when you have that grin on your face that is worth admiring too.
You’re the younger one, yet you act like my elder sister in occasions few;
You don’t even frown when I hurt you, which is why I admire you.

I know you’ll always be there when I need a hand to hold,
I’ve never told you this, but you’ve got a heart of gold.
I’ll always pray for you and be the one who will protect you;
And I’ll try to be the one whom you will admire too.




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