Kathmandu To Parbat

7 02 2012


After two and a half years I packed my bag. I checked if my camera’s battery was charged and if my binoculars were working. Everything was fine. The battery was fully charged and the binoculars were working perfectly. I was thinking of buying something for my grandmother. The ‘gudpak’ stores in new road were closed. I used to buy ‘gudpak’ from the same stores owned by the frauds. ’Gudpak’ was the only thing my grandmother has loved for all her life. But now she was forced to not love it. It was not possible for me to buy one. I couldn’t trust a single store where gudpak was available. They signaled me a cross sigh in front of a human skull. So I feared to buy one packet of gudpak. Therefore, I had to abandon the thought.

It was getting dark outside and a cold night after a day long rain was approaching. But I was waiting for tomorrow to come.

Tomorrow    arrived. It started with a dawn when the sun was smiling on the hills of Kathmandu and the moon which I talked to in my dreams was gradually disappearing. I could hear birds singing in the forest of Kirtipur and my heart was dancing with the music they were producing. I was ready to start my journey. I was ready to watch the moving hills, flowing rivers and yet the standstill sky that joins me with my grandmother and the village where I was born.

I touched the feet of my parents, bade them good byes and wished for a happy festival, I was grateful for. In yesteryears, I hated Dashain for the disparity it shows among the people and the cruelness it brings in the lives of animals. But that day I had forgotten everything. Even if I was remembering something, it was the joy of returning to my village and meeting my grandmother’s, I was in a hurry. I boarded a bus and started my journey.

The engine roared and came to life and I could see some smoke full of polluting gases. But they didn’t matter to me. I was carefree. I was enjoying the ride even though my head would collide with the window glasses time and again and my legs were aching because they were not feeling comfortable in the corner of the last row. My eyes were moving with the moving bus. The hills covered with the trees were seducing my eyes. I felt as if they were asking me to be with them. My eyes were glued with them but my heart was somewhere else. I could experience the joy Dashain had brought in my surrounding. There were crowds in the cities and buses were overloaded. Goats and Sheep were placed in the roofs of the buses and roofs were full of goods. The environment was breathtaking.

After 14 continuous hours of bus ride, I reached Beni. It was 9’oclock and pitch dark. I met the moon again. It was slightly covered by the clouds. I could feel the pain, literally everywhere in my body. It was obvious for my body to ache after such a long and tedious yet joyful journey.

My journey in a bus was over but it was yet to be complete. I had to walk 2 more hours to climb past two big hills. I could have stayed in a hotel   for a night and walked the rest of the journey the next morning. But I was very much eager to reach my home be with my family.  So I opted to walk even in the night time. The charge in my mobile was over. Same was the case with my camera. I had no source of light. Fortunately, the moon came out of the cloud. However its brightness was not enough to make me able to see clearly through my eyes suffering from Keratoconus.  I was even more fortunate to have met a group of people whom others would call ‘Damai’. They were from my village; so, I got some assistance from them as they had torch lights. I walked with them and stumbled frequently on the way. I was sweating to hell and the bag on my back was becoming heavier as the altitude went on increasing. It took me three hours to reach my home. But the companionship of the group made my journey easier. All of them were drunk but to different extend. Some couldn’t even control themselves and rests of them were taking care of their friend with whom they play the Panche Baja together. They were talking about their lives and relating to each other. One man even related my mother as his sister in law on the basis that his wife and my mother were born in the same village.

Finally I reached my home. All my relatives, my grandmother, uncle, aunt brother were asleep. I knocked the door. My aunt opened it after a while. I was very happy to see her and eventually all of my family members. I greeted every one .I bowed down on my knees to my grandmother. When I was on my feet, there were tears in her eyes and I couldn’t stop my tears too. All of us got emotional and with some light talks we went to our beds. My journey was now complete and I was asleep as soon as I lie down in the bed where I had slept for most of my childhood.




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