6 02 2012

I as a girl have different problems in life. I am a girl that’s why I always have to be in certain territory. I can’t live my life as I want because I m a girl….Do only girls have to be in certain territory? Why boys can do anything they want??Can’t girls live their life as they want to live? Why can’t we have fun for sometime by gathering with friend and roaming around? Is there any law saying that we girls don’t have any right to enjoy our life and live our life with full satisfaction.
As a girl I have to face this type of silly problems daily…….Our society is male dominated society that’s why as a female we have to suffer for life long time. We girls have respect for each & everyone in this society whereas boys don’t have so. We understand others feelings very easily that’s the reason guys think we are emotional fools. But that’s not true. We know how to tackle with problems whereas we know how to make our surrounding full of happiness.
A girl named Ambika, who used to live in Kathmandu had finished her schooling from Padhma Shree School which is located in Sinamangal. She was living her life very happily but suddenly her father decided to sell their home n sift to Pokhara their birth and ancestors place. All were happy except Ambika because she had much more dreams in her mind n hearts which she wanted to fulfill by sitting in Kathmandu. As a part of our life there comes happiness and sadness. But we should have capacity/ have faith on ownself to fulfill our dreams and make it true. As I say before only being a girls is not very easy to fulfill our dreams, wish and desire. As Ambika had strong faith on herself she convinced her family and stayed Kathmandu and started her higher studies in HIMALAYAN COLLEGE, Koteshwor. She made many friends. Some were very nice but some were not good. She used to be very polite with all. She was very beautiful girl. Many boys used to sit in roads to she her face. Many of them had purposed her to come in their life but she always denied. She used to love one guy whose name is Suyog. Ambika and Suyog both loved each other very much. Suyog used to listen to his friends very much which leads misunderstanding in their relationship. Suyog never ask to Ambika about the thing which he listened from the mouth of his friend. Due to this all Ambika was broken totally. She was very affected which leads Ambika to commit sucide. By the grace of god she was saved n her family supported her so much that she never think about doing something wrong to herself. After a very long time, Suyog knew all the things i.e. Ambika was having another love relationship which was not true but Suyog always listen to his friends and he never think what would be the result if Ambika came to know that her boyfriend dosen’t have faith in her. Now at this time he was feeling so very guilty that he doesn’t know what should he do. Collecting guts from many times he called Ambika in her cell. She was very surprised to see Suyog’s cell number in her mobile displaying as incoming call. She at first cuts his call for several times but he go in calling that’s why she picked up his call. After listening his sound Ambika’s eyes was full of tears because she had tried to call him several times after they had breakup.
“Hello! Who is this?” –Ambika asked.
“Hello! Its me Suyog….Don’t you remember me or pretending as you don’t know me?”
“Oh! Am sorry that I don’t remember your number. How are you? How do you call today?”
“Its really very ok. I am good and what about you? Don’t I have right to call u?”
“Me too good thank you. Its not that…I never had thought you will call me by yourself. Anyways is there any thing you want to talk with me?”
“Its not that.. Yes can I talk with you face to face please?”
“What’s the reason? Had your friend told you to call me or you still have something to tell about our past things?”
“Its my wish to call you and ask you weather you could give me some of your time or not?”
“Ok! I will meet you to listen what things are left unsaid before.”
“Thank you. Can we meet today evening after 5pm? I will pick you up from the place where I used to pick you up before..is it ok?”
“Ok! I will be there but don’t be late. I won’t be waiting for you even a single minute as well.”
“Ok! I will be waiting for you. Bye see you today evening.”
At the evening Ambika gets ready and go to meet Suyog. Suyog was waiting for her. He picks her up from the place where he used to pick her up before. They both went to Baneshwor area and sits in a café. They ordered soft drink.
“Ambika am really very SORRY. Which I did with you should not be done with you. I should ask or talk with you about whole thing.”
“You are realizing it now? It’s very fast that you realized your mistake.”
“I know it’s too late to talk about this things but am saying you SORRY because I realized it from the bottom of my heart.”
“It’s so very obvious that this all things are taught by your friend to you and you are doing exact the same thin which they have told you to do….”
“No it’s not true my love……..It’s all my line..”
“Ooo……Now have you finished your nonsense things to tell to me? I need to go home so let me move…”
“I LOVE U………….Do u LOVE me now also?”
“Please don’t make these three very specious word so loose character……..Had you care about my feelings ever?”
“I know I didn’t care about your feelings at all but……..”
“But what did u aspect me to believe in these all nonsense things? Please don’t make me feel that I have chosen bad guy for my life.”
“It’s not at all nonsense things but it is the truth that I am telling u…I can’t live without u…Please dear come back in my life I won’t give you a single chance to regrate your decisions”
As we all know girls have very soft heart and have respect for other’s feelings. She gave him a chance. Their relationship was going very good. Ambika had never aspected Suyog will keep his promise in this way. They both were very happy. They had started their future plans and all. As life is a part of happiness and sadness; sadness entered in Ambika’s life. It’s not because of Suyog but it’s because of her younger sister who was sitting with her in Kathmandu. Her mensuration cycle was missing and her stomach was as big as a pregnant women. Ambika was worried for her sister so she told her younger sister to visit the doctor with her. But her sister was denying. After some months because of Smriti (Ambika’s younger sister) she had to face different problems.
All women gets pregnant; it is said god’s gift or token of love of a couple after marriage and the women would be looked after in a very caring and loving manner. But before marriage if a girl gets pregnant all people will start ignoring and dominating in a very low manner. She is seen in a very different way in the society. Her family will be blamed and in some cases because of it parents will throw her daughter out of their house breaking all the relation. Why is it so? Is it because society plays a vital role in people’s life and their happiness???




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