Status of Nepal after 20 Years….

6 02 2012

Time is changing. According to it our country Nepal is also changing. Time had played vital role to make or to come up Nepal in this situation every aspect or every country’s political, economic, social status is changed because of time. Developing country like Nepal is being changed time to time by this aspect.
Different method of technology is used for the development whereas use of modern technology brings different situation. It is called change in society. Future cannot be seen or described it only can be imagined. In coming 20years, Nepal’s political, economical and social situation cannot be described but with full trust we can say that situation will be surely different than this time. Situation is changed according to the time. Time will be changing and western culture will play a vital role. But cultural (grantha) has compared with closed feathers which is coming in the past times. Tomorrow traditional beliefs and cultures will get good space in Nepal is seen.
Nepal can be seen as tourism business based country very soon. As Nepal has been successfully keeping good relationship with both ribal countries(i.e India& China). If this relationship goes with the same way, it will play a vital role to make Nepal’s economic status.
In coming 20years, Nepal’s political status will be changed very eargly or nicely. Just now kingship is thrown and republic system brought up or is ruling the country, whereas country or Nepalese people is facing very difficult conditions. Conditions of a country is being made or the ministers are trying to make constitution & make the rule & regulations. Because of the lack of rule & regulations big people are using powers in a negative manner, which is creating problem to the local or low level people. Hopefully this situation won’t last longer. Scientist people believe that after making the constitution of the country political crisis will be better.
Nowadays, Nepal is suffering from political crisis and the decision of today will affect the coming tomorrow or Nepal’s future. All the situations of the countries are changing in different manner. From kingship to the saving of nature is changing. This is why we couldn’t imagine or describe how political crisis would be changed in different manner?
Besides this we could see the change in different sectors as well. Nepalese people re facing loadshedding problem nowadays, which will be surely ofsesed in coming years. Different water supply plans had make the hope of Nepalese people to get rid with loadshedding problem. Daily use material (i.e. Petroleum product, LPG gas) crisis problem will be surely solved in coming years with different plans & policies which will create no problem is having belief in Nepalese people’s mind. Youth’s interest in entertainment & sports had also created some hope to people in the development of sports & entertainment sector in future. Looking all these sectors Nepal would be a nice place to live in & settle people’s life after 20 years.
All these hopes of people is done but it hadn’t fulfilled till now. For all these things to happen in Nepal, Nepalese people have to work very hard & wait for the positive results. All people have to be united with full faith in their heart and work hard which will surely create positive change in the status of our country Nepal.




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