Women in Nepal

31 01 2012

Nepal consists of patriarchal society, where the mind set of male domination is the fundamental foundation. The situation of women in Nepalese society appears to be changing, but it is just superficial because it is changing only in the cities. Various facilities are made available for the enlargement of participation of women for which they had no access previously. The changing mind set of people has provided education to women and as a result, they are finding employment. But this is the condition of women living in urban areas.

The maximum numbers of women are living in rural area where daughters are considered as burden in their own family and they have such a plight that they have to be slave in their own house. They do not have any access to those facilities which is considered as basic facilities in the cities like education. Society is changing rapidly in the cities regarding women but in rural areas, the pace of social change is very slow. Women have to face physical as well as mental torture. When they become the victim of physical abuse, society considers women themselves responsible for their own abuse and gives them mental torture.

Although male are regarded as income generator in Nepalese family, in the past few years we have seen that women, mostly of rural areas, are sent abroad for income generation. This shows that how women are considered as robots that can produce children whatever the number may be, that also can serve her husband, look after her house and also can produce income for running the family.

In conclusion, we can say that women are socially mistreated. The government speaks a lot about strengthening women socially, politically and economically but it stands to be just propaganda.




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