Thoughts on Present Nepal

31 01 2012

Nepal, a country having ancient histories, a country ruled by many kings, a country which was previously divided and then united and a country whose rulers and citizens are preparing for its division again, was previously united by Prithivi Narayan Shah who is regarded as “The Great King of Nepal”. After that, Nepal was developing in different sectors like economy, culture and artistic. Nepal was much developed in ancient period than now, not in the comparison of technologies and know-how but in the view of its independency. Nepal was much more independent than now. It exported lots of materials and imported very few. But now we can see every single material is being imported and very few are being exported. This shows how dependent we are.

A country rich in water resources with perfect environment full of scenic beauty, this is the reason which attracts many foreigners towards our country, Nepal. It is not the case only of present, foreigners were attracted to Nepal in the past as well. That’s why they tried to capture Nepal but Nepalese who are regarded as “Bir Gorkhali”, were stronger enough not to let them capture our country and the force behind that determination was the rulers of that time. If the rulers were not determined to defeat the foreigner then the citizens alone would not be able to be successful in securing our country. But now, reverse is the condition. The present so-called rulers of Nepal are not interested in securing the country and decreasing the dependency ratio, instead they are involved in degrading the condition of Nepal. They sign treaties with neighboring countries but in result Nepalese are facing even worst conditions. The land of Nepal, which was gained and saved by severe effort of previous rulers and citizens, is being taken away by others with no effort and our government is remaining still. This is the condition of Nepal, and we say that Nepal is developing. This is not the symptoms of a country running in the path of development, and we can say that Nepal is moving backwards.

Yes, of course Nepal has gone forward in case of technologies and other physical factors and also in educational factors. But the technologies which we are using are not produced in Nepal, they are brought here in Nepal with the economic help of other countries and the roads on which we are riding are built by foreign help. It can show how dependent we and our country are. We say educational system has developed but what is its use if all the educated fellows are migrating to other country. The government says that educated people should not go abroad but why aren’t they cancelling their visas?

Lastly, we can say that even Nepal was independent at ancient period, it has become dependent at present and the prime factors for it are the rulers and the citizen themselves. Even Nepal is developed in the technologies but it is degrading in its independency.




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