Media and Sociology

31 01 2012

The study of the science of society is term as sociology. Similarly media is the medium through which the various aspects of the society are presented in front of the people. Various aspects consist of needs of the society, basis requirement of the society, many bad practices of the society, praising acts of the society, etc. So, media must have a sociological knowledge in order to present various aspects of society among people.

Media must run a project in order to acquire the various knowledge regarding the different prospective of the society. For example, If media wants to present a news article of the urban society than, it must know the different aspects of urban society. It should also emphasize the different problems of the urban society. For this it must firstly know the different problems of the urban society which is possible only by acquiring the sociological knowledge of the urban society. Similarly it must also have knowledge about the positive sites of urban society i.e. features of the urban society in positive aspects. It should also be very much careful in presenting the various characters of urban society. If media is not equipped with all these sorts of knowledge then probably media loses its respects from the society. In other hand, if these sorts of knowledge are not acquire by the media then the news article presented by media will probably be useless, it’s fake. So, in this aspect also media must be up to date with the sociological knowledge.

Similarly, if media is going to broadcast about the lifestyles of the Eskimos or the Chepang then, firstly it must know their society and also the social behavior of them. Media should also know the social activities practices by them. If media fails to gain the knowledge of different sociological behavior of their community, broadcasting is not effective.

On the other hand, if media is dealing with the biography of the respected personality then, firstly media should be equipped with different knowledge about the personality. Media should know his family background, childhood phase, important works performed by him, his greatest blunder in life, educational background etc. Media should also present the impact of his work in the society. So, in this manner also media needs to know different sociological knowledge of the personality.

If media is not prepared with all sorts of knowledge regarding the society than obviously the programs ran by the media will go to vain. Media must be up to date with the sociological knowledge for the better vision or for the clearer vision.




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