Joint Vs Nuclear

31 01 2012

The old Nepalese family (joint family) consists of father, mother, grandparents and children, and they lived under the same roof and shared same food and earnings. Male members earned income and women did the domestic activities like cooking by sharing among the females.

Due to development of technology and capitalistic concept, Nepalese family has moved towards the concept towards of nuclear family where there exist father, mother and just their children. In the joint family, the younger generation learned to live disciplined life and got the knowledge about the culture and tradition of our country from the older generations but in nuclear family, parents have to take care of their children with their own knowledge and earnings. So there is greater possibility of having children with minimum knowledge about the culture and tradition of own community and culture. In nuclear family, women have to do all the household tasks by themselves and also have to work outside to rum their family.

There is family stability in joint family because there were many income generators in the joint family but there are maximum two income generators in the nuclear family which clearly shows the disadvantage of having nuclear family. Children have good time in joint family because there are lots of children to play with and elders to guide them. But now-a-days in Nepalese families, children come home from school and find empty house. There will be no one to play with and meet their parents when it is the time for bed; this increases the possibility for children to involve in undesirable activities. Husband and wife also can’t have quality time with each other. They don’t get time to discuss their personal problems with each other instead they are very much hurried to reach their own office and earn. But the condition of old Nepalese family is reverse. Couples had enough time for each other and they shared more love and affection and any type of conflicts that occurred in between them were easily solved with the help of their elders. Due to lack of quality time, modern Nepalese husbands and wives are frequently facing the problem of divorce.

Therefore, we can say that family system in Nepal is degrading, since it has moved from joint family to nuclear family which has ultimately isolated people from their own family members.




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