Everything is Fair in Love . . .

31 01 2012

“Wow! Isn’t it wonderful that both of you are working in the same office?” one of the friends of Uchita teased her, she remained silent but was blushing.

Uchita was recently engaged with Swatik. They had been working together since two years. But they were not having a love marriage, it was the arranged one. They were not in a love relationship. It was Uchita’s elder brother, Raja Maan, who thought of marrying her sister to Swastik. Raja Maan also worked in the same office, but he was a senior employee. Uchita was staying with Raja Maan along with her sister-in-law and a seven year old niece. She was staying with them ever since she passed S.L.C. and came town in search of employment. As Raja Maan was a senior staff in one of the reputed companies, Uchita easily got the job in the same office. It was the place where Uchita and Swastik met for the first time.

Similar to Uchita, Swatik also belonged to a middle class family. Even though he was an orphan, he too had elder brother and sister-in-law who were not less than his parents. They educated him without any discrimination. He had left his brother’s house and was staying alone in the next town as he had his job there.
Raja Maan found Swastik decent and hard working and thought he was the perfect match for his sister. Since they belonged to same ethnic group, there was no chance of rejection from both the families. Raja Maan talked about it with Uchita and Swastik. After their approval, their family also had no any disagreement. They were engaged within a week and their marriage was fixed for the next month.

Days want by and they got married. Both were living happily by sharing love and were working in the same office as before. A year later Raja Maan was transferred to the next branch of the same office, so he and his family went to the next city. Time was passing as it had multiplied its speed. Then, a year later Uchita gave birth to a daughter and they were happy for it. They loved her very much and were ready to do anything for her. They named her Urja which meant energy. They were having a quality time. Swastik used to help Uchita in the household as well as in looking after Urja. Uchita had asked leave for three months from her office and fortunately her leave was approved.
Three months went by and Uchita had to attend her office and left Urja at home with baby-sitter. Urja was of 22 months when Uchita gave birth to Sukriti, their second daughter. Then, they started to face problem in rearing two children at a time because they had to attend office at the same time. Especially Uchita faced lots of tension because she had to look after her daughters and household and also had to attend office at the same time, as her leave was not granted this time. So she thought of resigning from her job but Swastik didn’t allow her. They consulted their problem with Swastik’s brother and sister-in-law. By seeing their problem, they told that they would keep Urja with them and look after her. At first both of them denied but later on they realized that, it was the only option. They left Urja with Swastik’s brother and took Sukriti with themselves. His sister-in-law took care of Urja and left no chance of complaint. Even though Sukriti was with them, they were missing Urja a lot. They use to meet her only once a month as Swastik’s brother was in another town.

Urja started to go school and as she was a girl with intelligence, she stood first in the class. A year later Sukriti also started to go school, she was sent early. Uchita and Swastik thought of bringing Urja back with them as both the girls had started to go school and it wouldn’t be difficult for them to look after their children. But his sister-in-law denied to return Urja back to them because she loved her very much and could not leave Urja and they also couldn’t go against her will.

Year passed away, Urja was promoted to sixth standard, again with first position and Sukriti to fifth standard and a new member was added in the family, their youngest daughter. Urja had already started to argue to stay with them. She was jealous of her friends who lived with their own parents. This time Swastik’s sister-in-law could not deny.
Urja started to live with her parents. There was great love in between three siblings. Urja and Sukriti loved their youngest sister, Rojina, very much. Urja passed 10th standard with very good marks. She was sent to the next town for her higher studies. Swastik asked for a transfer to the same town, in order to look after Urja. Then, he was transferred and Uchita, Sukriti and Rojina were in the next town. A year later Sukriti also desired to go the next town for her further studies and she also started living together with her father and sister. Uchita and Rojina were left alone. Uchita asked for her transfer to the same branch but she was not granted. Uchita and Rojina used to go to the next town every month to meet their family.

It had been few months that Uchita and Rojina were not able to meet their family due to Rojina’s exam. Uchita started to hear that Swastik was involved with one of the lady staffs. But she trusted her husband so much that she ignored it and took it as just a rumor. Rojina’s exam was over and they went to meet their family and there Uchita had to hear the same thing about her husband from her daughters. But she still gave a damn and scolded her daughter for talking non-sense bout their own father. Urja and Sukriti failed to convince their mother but the rumor about their father was getting its height.

Two years later, rumors were still in the air, but there was no any effect in the relationship of Uchita and Swastik. They thought of marrying their daughter, Urja. But Urja argued that she has not spent quality time with mother, she has not got enough love from her mother and she also said that she didn’t want to marry. Ignoring Urja’s disapproval for marriage, her parents were searching a perfect bridegroom for her and they found a guy for her. They were trying to convince Urja for marriage but she was not convinced yet. One night, she had an argument with her parents about her marriage but the very next morning she apologized with her parents and said that she wanted to meet that guy about whom they were talking about. They fixed their date for the afternoon; Urja went to meet that guy.
It had already been 7pm in the clock, but Urja had not returned yet. Her parents were very much worried. Swastik called that guy and was shocked to know that she did not meet him. As soon as he put the phone down, the phone rang and he expected it to be Urja, but he heard the voice of a guy and the voice mentioned that Urja was with him, safe and sound. Next morning, they were shocked to know that Urja had eloped with a guy who had surname called “Bishwakarma”.

Urja had not celebrated her first marriage anniversary yet, she heard that her father married the very lady staff who had two daughters of her own.




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