31 01 2012

The behavior of the people in the society which hampers the harmony of society is term as anti-social activities i.e. crime. In today’s world, the anti-social activities are increasing in a hazardous way. Modern world is filled with crime. In this behavior media has played a vital role in evoking as well as controlling crimes.

In recent years, the dimension of media has speeded in a wider way with the means of transmission: digital television, cable, broadcast networks and video. Aggressive and violent program are abundantly and cheaply available on the international market, which simultaneously ruins the concepts of viewer. Due to these sorts of program the youngster are psychologically affected. Due to broadcasting of more and more traumatizing images in which rape, aggression and brutal killings are the norm, young people happen to practice the trend that broadcasting focuses and helps in evoking crimes. Television is incriminated to an even greater extent when murders, suicides and accidents occur in the real world which involve children and young people who appear to be copying acts that have previously been seen on television or in the cinema. Luc Besson’s Nikita or Natural Born Killers by Oliver Stone, and many more besides, have increased public anxiety and rekindled the debate on the media’s impact upon youngsters. The way media advertises the toxicant simultaneously, helps only in the increment of people in drug-taking which gradually ruins the norms and values of society. Due to this sort of advertisement the drug-addiction is increasing day by day which is a serious problem in the today’s world.

Since, media is a powerful organ of the state it helps in controlling crimes as well. Recently, one of the government officials of the airport in Nepal was imprisoned by the help of media. The tape which was broadcasted by the channel are the maim aspects for controlling such activities. The immigration officer was asking for a bribe in order to allow the woman to take-off for America, but the woman denies paying him, instead she recorded all his activities and the channel broadcasted it. So, one of the crime was neutralized by the help of media. On the other hand, the education oriented program also play a vital role in addressing people towards positive path instead of leading them to negative one. Since, television is a powerful media, so the government makes the law and present to the people with the help of media for its implementation. In this aspect media is also playing a vital role in controlling crimes.

There is a growing recognition throughout the world that neither the media professionals, nor the public authorities, nor the associations of parents or viewers could remain indifferent to the spread of violence on television. The responsible bodies should discourage the trend of broadcasting aggressive, brutal programs. They must implement a certain media-act in order to use media for the welfare of the society not as the main factor for social disorder.

World Communication Report-Lotfi Maherzi




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