Upliftment By Hardwork

31 01 2012

Bhaktalal Singh is the main person of his family. This story was of a very poor family living in Chapagaun,Lalitpur. He used to bring money in his house to fulfill the demand of his family. Bhaktalal was married to a girl named Durga. Their family increases. Including them both there was 8 more members in the family. They all are there sons and daughters. For the shake of Dowry they force their eldest son to marry with the girl named Ratna Shova at the age of 12yrs.Their income source was just that small shop located in their locality which leads this family members to suffer. They had suffered from hand to mouth problem.Ratna Shova was very small to understand her family standard and level. Their family was big and their house does not have sufficient rooms as well to live. So, Balkrishna and Ratna Shova have to live their life in a small store room. They used to share their happiness and sadness sitting in that small room.
In previous generation, the trend of sending girls to school and make them educated was not there. People used to think girls are the property of others. They are send to others house. They have to do household chorses so no need to send them school Ratna Shova was also uneducated as others. Ratna Shova was uneducated that’s why she was always discouraged by her family members. Her family members used to give her mental and physical pressure. They didn’t use to give Ratna Shova food and she have to beg for the food with her family members. This was all because Balkrishna didn’t have any job to fulfill his wife’s basic needs. Ratna Shova suffered very much after she came marrying Balkrishna. She and maternal family had never think of all these things. Because of all these problems and all the sufferings she decided to work outside the house and bring some money for her and her paternal family. Ratna Shova used to go sweater industry and worked there. She had started working hard and bring money in her house her family started pretending like loving her very much. This is life ,if there is money with you, you could get everything and if you don’t have money you couldn’t get the things you deserve also. After some time Ratna Shova and her big sister-in-law gets pregnant at the same time. Ratna Shova give birth to a little boy whereas her big sister-in-law give birth to a little girl. All family members started loving Ratna Shova. Seeing this all brother-in-law and sister-in-law leaving the house saying no one loves them is no use of sitting living together. Bhaktalal used to drink alcohol a lot and used to beat Durga after he came house by drinking. Whenever some family members and others asked him not to beat Durga nor drink alcohol. He used to fight with them our insult them for no reasons so no one dears to say anything with him. Durga cannot bear the pain after all things happen. So she left the house and went to her sister’s house. Ratna Shova was very alone so to pass time she used to clean the house and move up and down. Her son was growing very rapidly. She has to care of her son as well as her house and family members. Her son was very silent in nature. She doesn’t have to face much more problems because of her son. He never used to cry nor give any type of trouble to his mom while going to school. Ratna Shova and her family kept the boy named as Laxman.Laxman was very labouroius at his study and from the small age he used to help his mother and father in every work.
As time passes on the boys was growing rapidly Ratna Shova again gets pregnant again. At this time, she gave birth to a little baby girl. For some years they lived in the same place, Chapagaun. Balkrishna and Ratna Shova worked very hard and starts saving money. They were planning to leave Chapagaun and migrate to another place. They certainly gets another place named Ghathaghar. They faced many problems again while migrating from Chapagaun to Ghathaghar. Ratna Shova’s small brother-in-law created a lot of problems but also facing all those things they were success in migrating to Ghathaghar.They migrated Ghathaghar but also that was not the end of their sufferings. There was a lot to come. Migrating and getting place to survive was not only the thing we people need. To survive we have to work and earn something, which could help us to live our life. Balkrishna and Ratna Shova talked to her father and convinced him to sell the house. They sold the house. Ratna Shova’s father also migrated to Ghathaghar and started to live with Ratna Shova and her family. They opened small cottage industry(oil mill).Ratna Shova’s small brother-in-law also used to come Ghathaghar and sit from morning to evening; and at night he used to go home. For the betterment in his lifestyle, he started to do (hera feri).He was ready to bounce/destroy the earning of Ratna Shova and her family. Ratna Shova’s small brother-in-law stopped coming to Ghathaghar saving that their daughter is there to help them and there was no use of him to come Ghathaghar and help them. Laxman helped Balkrishna and Ratna Shova to clear all the dues with interest. Laxman now had gone to USA for the further study.
Now, at this time Ratna Shova’s family are living very happily without facing any type of hand to mouth problem. Balkrishna and Ratna Shova are working very hard and educating their two daughters and their son as well. They didn’t need to send anything for their son because Laxman is working and studying very hard in USA.They all are very happy to see the progress and hard work of Laxman. Their two daughters have no any problems now and reading in a very well knowned school. At this time, Ratna Shova always pray to god for the betterment and happy lifestyle of her family. She prays to god that her daughters never have to see any types of problems that she had faced in her past life.




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