World of Imagination

25 01 2012

Being the human of computer generation, we even don’t dare to imagine a world without computers. In the present world, where computer has become the other word for the communication, it would be our nightmare, if we had to face the computer-less world. But for the time being let us imagine, a time machine, generally shown in science fiction movies, takes us away from the current date back to the pre-computer era, which means to the world where computers were not in existence.

Our day would begin with a cup of tea and a newspaper instead of sticking ourselves to the computer screen for the news updates. We would be relieved from emails, no need to get stressed for sending or responding it. And no more posting on various sites. Children would enjoy their childhood to the fullest, without the computers. They would enjoy in the playground instead of computer. Their eyes would not be tired by looking at computer screen. Their parents too would get quality time to spend with them without having difficulties in managing their daily schedule. They would be happier because they need not to tie themselves to it and waste their precious time.

Surely, we might not be able to do the things as fast as we could, like paying the bills online but it is nice to slow down and enjoy the each seconds we spend. We need not have to rush for reaching our work places because it is not the computer world where everything is in high pace. We would not have to be dependent on computers and don’t have to use them in everything that we do. Life would be very easy going. No existence of materialistic world. Our friends would be in our neighborhood instead of thousand miles away whom we know but have never seen before in the real world. No more staying inside because we have nothing to do inside, we would enjoy the beautiful nature instead of the virtual world. Wouldn’t it be a better world without computers?




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