Small Business Opportunities

3 11 2011

Spending time in a productive manner, is always a great way of passing the time. Any occupation can always teach you new things and enrich you with knowledge. Business is an activity which is undertaken to earn profit. Such an idea can give you fame or even fail you. Every small idea can become successful if there is a lot of effort and hard work put into it, this can be proved through the story of Susil Pariyar and Pawan Sharma Mahato who are tailor and chattpatte seller. They both belong to low class family and are residents of Itahari, Nepal.

Susil Pariyar, originally from Barmachiya, Morang, chose tailoring as his occupation as tailoring was his family profession. His parents struggled a lot to maintain their livelihood. Since they were from so-called low caste family, they had to face lot of tensions from the society. He could not continue his study and was limited upto eighth standard. He helped his parents to earn their livelihood but their earning was not enough. So, he left his birth place and went Itahari in search of better opportunity to earn more income and establish himself economically, which indeed is the desire of every young people. There, he continued his work of tailoring, he worked in a wholesale cloth store which provided him little more income and helped a lot in his and family’s daily life. As time started to pass, he thought of being independent instead of working for other people. So he started his own work, but he limited himself by only fitting jeans and other casual wears. Since jeans is the most preferred clothing and people had become more conscious about their dressing sense, they started to wear body fitting clothes, so he thought of starting his one man business of fitting jeans item. He started his business with one sewing machine placing in front of a cloth store. This was the beginning of his career. This idea proved to be a very important step in his life. Gradually, he improved his quality of life by earning much more than before. He brought his parents along with him in Itahari and also got married.

He has been continuing his business till today for more than 10 years and has improved his living standard through this very business. He had started it with only himself as a worker but now he owns two staffs. He has built house on his own. Now he has been running family of six, his father, mother, wife, son and a daughter. His children are going to an english medium school which was not possible if he had not started this business. According to him, he earns Rs 40,000 per month by fitting clothes items which is much more than any other business of that budget.

Pawan Sharma Mahato is known as Chattpatte Bhaiya among local people in Itahari. He came Nepal from Assam, a district of India. His family had agricultural background in Assam, but he was interested neither in agriculture nor in studies. As many people were migrating to Nepal from Assam, despite of his young age, he ran away from his house and came Nepal. He worked as a sales boy in a cloth store of Dharan for 4 years but he was not satisfied from it. So he again migrated to Itahari and worked in a stationery shop for more than 4 years. The earning from that job was just enough for him. He never thought of returning back to his birthplace because he had left his home in search his independence.

In this 4 year duration of working in Itahari, he thought of marrying and settling down with a family. He fulfilled his desire of marrying but his expenditure went high and his salary from stationery shop could not make it up. So he again went for next option and started the business of making statue of gods and goddesses out of clay after having the training of statue making. He continued this work for nearly 1 year but did not get much success in it because it was a seasonal business, he would earn only at the time of festivals. So he again left this business and started a new business of selling fruits. During this period, he faced lots of difficulties because he had to sell fruits on street and the workers of municipality use to remove the street shops. He also had to bear loss because of rotten fruits which made him very impatient and made him leave this business. After that, he started selling Chattpatte after consulting with the community club members so that they would not remove his shop from the street as a result they gave permission for setting his business but in return he had to maintain hygiene in his selling edible items as well as in the surrounding and this decision proved to be the best option. He began this business with an amount of Rs 200 per day. Gradually, he began to earn more.

Till today he has been doing the same business and his daily capital has went up to Rs 1500 in the time span of 2 years. His daughter is studying in an english boarding school and is a day boarder. He has two staffs, each gets Rs 1500 per month. According to him, he has 300 daily customer and earns Rs 3000 to 4000 per day and saves approximately an amount of Rs 10,000 per month after subtracting all his expenditures.

From above two stories, we can draw a conclusion of transformation of low classed family to a middle classed family. They had begun their journey with nothing on their hand and left their home in search of more opportunities. Struggle was their key to success. They have proved that no work is either small or big, all it matters is the dedication we have paid and the result we have got. Although they had started their business with very small budget, they have earned much more than expected. We can see next common feature in both the charaters, they have not left their business even though they have earned enough to start a new and bigger business. They are satisfied with what they have got. Infact, they are the real businessman because they are gaining profit without any loss !




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