Ran Bahadur Baral

3 11 2011

Long dry hair with the ‘Dhaka Topi’ on the head, weird, old and dirty clothes, thin cheeks, deep eyes, black teeth, black fingernails, hard palm and smiling face are the features of Rana Bahadur Baral.
He works at other peoples’ house. His work is cutting grass from tall trees, plouging the field, cutting firewood, feeding domestic animals, painting the house during festivals and ceremonies, carrying goods from market to village and village to market, fishing and many more. He helps people of four VDCs in Palpa district.
He was born in 2004 BS in Human VDC, ward no. 5, Palpa district. He is 64 years old now. A sickle, namlo(special type of rope with flat part at one end to carry heavy loads in the back) and Kodalo(a device to dig land) are his every time friends. He spent his childhood days in Bhagawati Kafle’s home by cutting grass, cutting wood, digging land, carrying goods from market, etc. He stayed at that house until he was 20 years old. Then he stayed next 10 years in Chandra Dev Poudel’s home doing the same task as in Bhagwati’s house.
An interesting story about him is that he likes stale rice (Basi vat) rather than fresh cooked. He thinks the stale rice keeps his body cool. If he goes somewhere to work and needs to eat food then he asks stale rice. If he does not get basi vat then he makes the rice cool and only eats it. He has weird appearance; he never washes his clothes nor takes a bath. He always itch his hair. If you asked him to cut his hair then he says that, “its better not to cut. If you cut your hair frequently then it increases so fast but if you don’t cut it then it does not increase”.
He says “yes! I understood” frequently while talking to others whether he understands or not. Very small things make him happy. Although he is poor but he never lives his life by asking with other. He helps the villagers in their happy moments and sad moments. He is the only man to reach each house of four VDCs and help old and needy people. Mostly old people and children live in village. They cannot do difficult work. But Baral is the one to help them. He climbs to the tall trees to cut the grass. Due to him domestic animals like buffalo, cow and goats survive in village. Milk help old people to live longer and meat help children to smile better.
There was no telephone in the village five years earlier. There was not any kind of communication media, no electricity either. Baral was the one to carry the messages from one village to another or from one home to another. If large amount of potato or ginger is produced at anyone’s house then Baral carries it to the market and sells it. He returns all the money to the owner that he made by selling. All people trust him. He carries heavy sacks of paddy of villagers to the rice mill and brings back to owners at a very low price. He takes only Rs.25 by carrying the heavy sacks the whole morning. By ploughing field a whole day he takes only Rs. 80 to 100. He says all people have same blood so we have to help the needy people. He goes to help people at marriage ceremony, upanayan, pooja, birth, death and other special occasions. Although he is uneducated his feelings are great. His face is always bright and smiling. He smokes cigarette and drinks alcohol but his health is absolutely fine. In his 64 years old life he has never taken a single piece of medicine.
He married a dumb girl when he was 35 years old. His heart is pure. He has a son. Baral wanted his son to be a job holder in government office. So Baral sent his son to school but his son broke Baral’s dream. His son left his school, married a girl and left home too. Now he works at house constructions as a laborer.
Ran Bahadur Baral serves everybody in the society in various ways. He makes people laugh. He has grief in his heart but he never remains sad. He has always smiling face. He is growing old and weak but he wants to serve the society until he can.




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