3 11 2011

Many of us wander that the life of a drug-addict is valueless. We still think that the druggist can’t put their hand in the social welfare. But, there was a man who proved our thought false. I came to know about this interesting story only after the interpretation made by his sister ‘RADHIKA’. “He was a brilliant student and was popular in the school”, she said. She also told that due to the involvement in bad circle he happens to take drugs.

His name was Mr. Murari Adhikari. He was born in 2036 b.s. at Itahari-5, Sunsari. He was famous in the society from his childhood due to the involvement in many sports organized by the society. The dark days were yet to come in his life. He began to take toxic things for the sake of friendship. Nobody thought that he could be involved in drug-addiction. , she said. “I even don’t believe that my brother could involve in drug dealings”, she said. I asked her, why Murari happen to be the victim of drug-addiction? “My brother wasn’t a bad person but the death of mother made his life frustrated and he begin to take drugs”, she replied. He was also involved in gang wars and other anti-social activities she added. Gradually, his life changed from a prestigious Murari Adhikari to the characterless Murari Adhikari.

As per her sister he was a good student and was also popular among his circle as well as among his teachers. But, he involved in bad activities due to the involvement in bad circle. He used to steal money from his house and miss-utilize it by buying cigarette and he slowly involved in taking ‘Marijuana’ and other medicinal drugs i.e. ‘Proxy’ and ‘Nitro sun’, etc. He used to quarrel with his family each and every hour of the day due to the hazardous use of drug. He slowly increases the doses of drug and happens to use ‘Ample’. He got addicted to ample and began to use it regularly. Though he left to use other drugs but he got seriously addicted to ample. The rest of the family member doubt on his activities and decided to put him in rehabilitation centre. He also ruined his study and got restricted from school. Though, he ruined his study but he didn’t realize his bad deeds. Father advised him all day and night but he didn’t listen to him. After the long advice, he finally told that he will leave the use of drugs. But, he denies going to rehabilitation centre. After the promise made to his father he begin to minimize the use of drugs. He faced a big trouble in leaving the use of drug but with minimizing his doses he finally left the habit of using drugs. During this phase he was very much affected by the different diseases but after few months he returned back to the normal life.

Brother was quite good after leaving drugs. He also behaved well with every people, she said. He even educated the youngster of the society about the effect of drugs. All things were settled back to the old schedule. But, he was seriously ill and was admitted to hospital. She said. “I still remember that day when our family was totally depressed by the news of brother’s disease; he was suffering from HIV positive and has only a few years life”. The family member tried to hide the news from him but he happen to know about that and attempt to commit suicide but the family support made him live again she said.

“I will devote my life to society he told me”, she said. He conducted many programme with motto to educate the youngster about the effect of drug and about the harmful sight of drug. With the help of father he succeeded to open rehabilitation centre in order to admit the drug-addict who wants to get relief from the use of it. He ran his centre by giving free treatment and also by supporting people to start their new life. He conducted various educational programmer related to drug-addiction. He regained his lost status by the social work he performed, but he was near to death so it was a deadline of his life. She said, If my brother wasn’t involved in drug-addiction then probably he could be one of the renowned social worker of the nation she. Though he started his social work at the last stage of his life, he was awarded by many social organizations.” He was truly the good person though he involved in bad activities”, she said. “I was very much depressed to see my brother heading towards death each day”, she said.

Unfortunately Murari died at the age of 28 in 2064 b.s. At B.P. Koirala Memorial Hospital, Dharan. Though he was a drug-addict but at the end of his life many well-reputed person took part in his funeral due to the good work he performed at the last stage of his life. Though he was heading towards death his good work overcome all his bad activities performed earlier. Once again he was famous among the people due to his remarkable works.

We must not try to kill the criminals or the druggist but we should try to kill the crime and the bad habit of the person then only all the crimes would be controlled.




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